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                                ACED PROJECT

This repository is (part of) my work for the ``Arquitecturas de Elevado
Desempenho'' class. See the doc/proposal.pdf document for more information on
the problem statement.

[[Project Structure]]

 ├ aux          Auxiliary scripts.
 ├ contrib      External C libraries.
 ├ data         Data for use as input or embedding in source.
 ├ doc          Extra documentation related to the project.
 ├ includes     Header files.
 ├ obj          Compiled object files.
 └ src          Root project source files.
The directory is essentially a C project, with auxiliary documentation and
scripts. The main executable can be compiled by running the corresponding
[sane] recipe:

    python3 make.py link

This will produce a main.exe executable in the root directory.
See all available recipes by running

    python3 make.py --list

and read more about [sane]: at https://github.com/mikeevmm/sane.

[[Use Instructions]]

To use, pipe the input (structured according to the source specification) into
the executable, while specifying the number of outputs and inputs, in that
order. E.g.,

    ./main.exe 2 2 2 2 < data/2222_inq.txt